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Laughton Davidson, known to the music world as ShartyB is a Laughton Davidson, known to the music world as ShartyB is a seasoned music/performance producer a true music man. With a passion deeply rooted in music creativity, ShartyB finds his greatest joy in the pivotal role in the birth of musical masterpieces. While we all cherish the experience of listening to music, he finds something even more enchanting in being present when the creation of music is conceived.  

ShartyB's journey as a professional producer span over two decades, with his official start dating back to 1999. Interestingly, he was unknowingly introduced to the music game by his friend Junior Blacks in Kingston, Jamaica, as early as 1993.

ShartyB's expertise has been a versatile journey in the realm of music styles and genre when teamed up with Mackendy Dorcilhomme (Composer). They have ventured into R&B, Hip Hop, Kompa, Jazz, Calypso, and more. However, today, ShartyB primarily shines in the world of Reggae, where his producer talent has truly flourished.

He is widely recognized for his invaluable assistance to artists during recording sessions. He often lends his vocal talents to guide artists in bringing their songs to life, a testament to his dedication to the craft of music production. Throughout his illustrious career, ShartyB has collaborated with numerous renowned artists and produced remarkable shows. His portfolio includes show with, George Nooks, Freddy MacGregor, Mighty Sparrow, Gyptian, Lady Saw, Major Brandish, Alton Willis, Sharaty, Genevieve Langlois and many emerging Caribbean talents.

Among his notable records are "Angel in Disguise" by the Prince of Reggae Dennis Emmanuel Brown, "You Are All I Need" by George Nooks, "There Is a Better Way" by Fabian Marley, "Love Again" by Major Brandish, "Keep the Pressure Down" by Jonathan McLean, and "Love in Abundance" by Indigenous. ShartyB Production is a familiar contributor to the festival circuit, having produced performers on prominent staged events in the Ottawa-Carleton region of Canada, including JamDay, Rhythm Culture Festival, Ottawa Reggae Festivals, and Legends of the Caribbean. He often collaborates with event organizers across Canada, providing valuable insights in marketing and production.

He is actively working on the "Rugged Road" album by Gladstone Brown, also known as Major Brandish. With this unwavering commitment to the Caribbean music scene, ShartyB envisions a future where Caribbean music production reaches the caliber of European and American major concert productions. His inspiration is drawn from diverse music, including Rolling Stones, AC DC, Alpha Blondy, Nneka, Burning Spear, and the egendary Bob Marley.

Hailing from the musical hot bed of Three Miles in Kingston 11, Jamaica, alongside notable figures like Tuff Gong Studios, EarlyB, and Super Cat, ShartyB continues to shape the musical landscape with his passion, talent, and vision for the future.

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Meet Zumba Mafian, a Jamaican-born musician whose love for music extends beyond its entertainment value. As a professional musician for five years, Zumba's favorite aspect of music is its ability to heal others. For him, music isn't just a passion; it’s an opportunity to use something he adores as a job.

Zumba Mafian's music style is a blend of dancehall, trap dancehall, and reggae, making him a highly versatile musician who can easily touch current topics with his music. He stands out for his distinctive voice, poetry, and capacity to make music that resonates with his audience.

Despite having only one professional feature with Sanchez Holli and no professionally produced albums, Zumba Mafian has achieved a significant career milestone. Zumba has had two songs that trended on Audio Mack for a week, giving the world a piece of his musicality and electrifying vibe.

Zumba's musical influences include Vybz Kartel, Masicka, Chronic Law, and international musician Polo G. These artists inspire him to create music that is not only entertaining but also meaningful.

As Zumba Mafian continues to work hard and put in more effort, he's confident that he'll reach his goal of performing among the greatest of all time in the music industry, not only in dancehall Jamaica but worldwide. Listen to his mixtape, "The Gr8 One," on Audio Mack, and stay tuned for more from this rising star.

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